Leather lineman: 4 weeks (not including the weekend)
Winter pacs: 1-2 weeks
Logging boots (calks):4 weeks (not including the weedend)

If you'd like to receive your boots quicker, please click "RUSH BUILD" when selecting your item and/or choose expedited shipping at checkout. Please note: Shipping to states east of Ohio may take up to 6 business days.

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Hoffman Boots Tee Shirts and Sweatshirts - supporting America's Lineman and Loggers.


Lineman t-shirt and sweatshirt logo wear from Hoffman Boots

Three great styles to choose from: "Supporting America's Lineman", Hoffman's original logo, or "Got Calks" for the logging industry.

Short-sleeve T-Shirts * Long-sleeve T-Shirts * Sweatshirts

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Logging t-shirt logo wear from Hoffman Boots