About Us

At Hoffman Boots, the motto of our family has been the same from the beginning. We offer a high quality, functional product, at a fair price, and let that be the basis of our company's future.

The Hoffman family has always had a leg up in the footwear business. From the earliest of Hoffman's in Austria, to owning shoe stores across the Northwest, to ultimately creating lineman and logging boots and turning Hoffman Boots into what it is today, the Hoffman family has always strived to create the recipe for an efficient, quality, and successful business.

In 1973, John and Barbara Hoffman and John's two brothers, Robert and Joe, relocated their families to North Idaho from Southern, California. They brought their shoe stores with them, and subsequently, the Hoffman family's business has continued to grow and be passed down through the generations as a family affair.

Almost thirty years after the lineman boot phenomenon, Hoffman Boots went under an ownership change from parents, John and Barb, to three of their children: Tom, Jim and Beth. With this new ownership, in the year 2000, Hoffman's grew tremendously in sales and nationwide popularity.

Today, the relatively small business out of Kellogg, Idaho employs fewer than twenty, yet manufactures boots for over 100 stores across the country, and proudly sells various boots to outdoorsman around the world.

Armed with equipment and machinery older than most of the employees, each employee has found their niche on the production floor. From gluing soles, building calk bottoms, or sewing leather, each person has a unique skill, which makes the boot complete.

We know that there are a lot of choices for you, the consumer, to choose from in footwear. That's why we spend extra time and research in offering you the best quality materials we can find, and build them in each and every pair of Hoffman's boots.

If you ever have a question or suggestion, or if you need help in choosing the right boot for you, feel free to call. Our friendly staff will gladly take the time to get the proper boot for you. Hoffmans would like to thank you for your interest in our boots and look forward to meeting your needs.