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"If you want a boot that stands up to hard use, sheds water, is quiet in the woods and yet very comfortable, this is the boot for you."
Billy Stockton - Stockton Outfitters

La Sportiva Glacier Wildland Boot

This boot offers a heat resistant sole with a rubber compound that is resistant to 300°C and a glue that is resistant to 70° C. Heat activated glue WILL delaminate when exposed to fire or heat. (This delam is not covered under warranty.)
Designed for forest management work and post-fire clean up work.
Minimum 8 inch height on all boots meets federal standards for wildland firefighting.
This boot is NOT designed for front line firefighting.
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    La Sportiva is a good company but this is not one of their best products. The uppers break down quickly and the sole tends to be slick on wet surfaces. Very comfortable out of the box but not suitable for sustained heavy forestry and firefighting usage.
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